Photograph of Paul McBreeze & Wyn Roberts
Paul McBreeze (Left) & Wyn Roberts (Right)

Our Story

GAP Electrical & Mechanical Services Limited was formed by Paul McBreeze (Left) in 2003 with an aim to redress the balance, by sighting local companies to provide the main works in the area rather than large external firms.

Geraint Wyn Roberts (Right), a chartered engineer, joined the company as a Consulting Engineer / Director in January 2012 bringing a great deal of skill and experience in the field. His engineering background enabled the company to expand to offer consultancy and design services.

GAP Electrical & Mechanical Services Limited have built up an enviable reputation within the industry for delivering a very high standard of workmanship with excellent project management.

Who We Are

GAP Electrical & Mechanical Services Limited specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems.

We are based in Conwy, North Wales and operated by a team of highly-skilled professionals who possess the technical abilities and experience to provide professional consultancy and a wide range of engineering services, project management and design.

We pride ourselves on being client focused and have developed a reputation for being a one stop company that will provide the whole package from assisting clients in creating the right specifications to design, planning and executing the required works.